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Description of the project TRAITS / LINES

Exhibition / Austellung LINIEN / LINES / TRAITS (pdf)



8 Rolls of original telefax in stainless steel cylinders


Price of the 8 cylinders (stainless steel) with original telefax : please contact us


Each of the 8 locations (museum or gallery) who has participated to the project has received 30 meters of telefax (848 telefax).

Each of of these 30 meter rolls is an original artwork stored in a stainless steel cylinder.

Above : Hérouville art center (right), and Galerie Oudin, Paris (left)

The conservation of the telefax in darkness is perfect.

8 files including the 848 photocopies of the project allows to produce a facsimile of the original telefax rolls (for any future exhibition of the rolls).



Serie of 8 enlarged telefax (here the serie "M E R I D I E N")

Maximum run 5 exemplaries.


SINGLE ENLARGED TELEFAX ON PAPER OR ON hard material (Komacel, metal, wood...)


Maximum run 10 exemplaries

Single Enlarged telefax on paper or hard material.

Price : 500 euros

Maximum run 10 exemplaries


Prints made with graphite on paper.



Prints made with graphite on paper.




Collage, originals...

For more informations on these works please contactl us.