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Catalogue "Visual Artworks" by Stéphan Barron (pdf, 47 pages in French... Please contact us if you like some translations)

Last artworks 2009/2010 : photographs from Le NOUVEAU VOYAGE (page 45), edition d'ORIENT EXPRESS (page 7), edition du projet CONTACT (page 40),


wyfy (2007)

exhibition "Prières" (2003)

artworks from fusil 2004

Projects by Stéphan Barron which have specific objects that you may buy.


polychroms from "Thaon / New York".

Signes des temps

Orient Express



A Perte d'Entendre

Les plantes de mon jardin


Dans la chaleur des concepts

Le bleu du ciel

L'Espace d'un jour



Exhibitions about Stéphan Barron's project


80's paintings


Multiples and all the works are not listed here.

If you are interested by a work on a specific project, please email us.